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How to backup your raspberry Pi to the cloud

Finally months after I create this site I manage to release first useful article about automatic backup of your Raspberry Pi in to the free cloud. I based it on several other articles spread all across network. Also this is my first online Raspberry Pi technical article. I have to say that I was surprise how process of creating such stuff is quite time taking. I did want to just write is and publish. I want to be sure that this works in 100 % so I have recreate the process on 2 other devices.
Also this article will be upgraded in the feature of additional stuff like

  • MySQL backup
  • Website backup


Ok, so here I am a tech guy who always wanted to have a blog, but didn’t know about what the blog

should be.

So I said why not just about simple IT thoughts, my small own IT project any anything else. Would

that be interesting? I don’t know I think I am doing it more likely to practice my English as I am not

native and also to leave something after myself in the internet because internet don’t forget. I don’t

know maybe my kids will have fun in reading this after few years, we shall see.

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